Cutting Edge Techlology

Deplying cutting edge technology all the back to the village.

Value Chain Management

End to end, Turn-key technology for value chain management.

The Alikili eTransact

The Aliki eTransact in a snapshot

Value Tracking and Exchange

Keeping reliable track of value at every point of exchange is made easy with the Akili eT.

Produce Traceability

Supporting your produce traceability through real-time inventory management

Point Of Sale

The Akili eT is specifically designed for buying, selling, inventory, and accounting

About the eT System

Akili eT is an interface of the components that facilitate tracking of farm produce from the individual/group buyers and to link up the stored value along the value chain to the market. 


Our work is to ease the processes of receiving, weighing, paying, and tracking. Through the Akili eTransact, stakeholders (customers, distributors, investors, financiers) can obtain the information they need or carry out the transactions associated with their responsibilities.

The Akili eT system is distributed for online access, and is available for use by registered value chain owners (Farmer support partners; cooperatives; micro-finance institutions)

The system enables your organization to buy products from farmers, sell the produce or exchange the value for farm inputs.

Why Use The eT?







Value Chain Of Focus

The Akili eT is customized for the following value chains


Vegetable Growing




Carbon Offset Value Chain

Can also be used customized  for use in other value chains

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Who is Using the eT?

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